August 18, 2022
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Friends, help our girl. You are our hope.


Good morning everyone, and clear sky. People, our relatives, please pay attention, do not be indifferent, the girl needs help, her life depends on every Ukrainian. Please! HELP!!! To save a young girl - Anastasia Kovbun, 18 years old (refugee from Ukraine) who has a serious oncological disease (Malignant tumor of the bones and articular cartilage of the neck and throat). She is now in Poland. In February 2022, the child was supposed to undergo surgery at the oncology center, but unfortunately the war got in the way. We don't plan on surgery, they will do it (radiotherapy). She has metastases in her throat 😭😭😭 sometimes she takes her hands off 😭Oh my God😭 All treatment, tests, research and procedures are done for free, most of the drugs are covered by the insurance policy. Unfortunately, it so happened that the medicine prescribed to the child on a permanent basis must be bought every month, the cost of the monthly purchase of medicine is 2,200 zlotys (from UAH 15,000). In 2020, the child already had a biopsy and radiotherapy, exclusively for this reason, a new radiotherapy will be carried out (the procedure is free), the only thing we have to buy is the medicine ourselves, the cost is not small, more than 90,000 UAH (((the hospital does not have accreditation for them( (
Please help to save the girl 🙏🙏🙏.
I know that all of you are not indifferent, many of you help even in such a difficult moment!!! They often write about the departure of a child to another country, and immediately (((unfortunately, there is no such possibility(().
I understand that it is difficult now, but every penny can save... The child is very eager to live. (prayer_hands)(prayer_hands) . I am sincerely grateful to everyone and everyone, in such a difficult moment, for help, for help... a little more strength and we will win. .. do not walk away, we are not scammers. I want this child to get well, now is harder than ever..she deserves that chance at life now!!!

The child is very eager to live.

4441114480872215 USD
IBAN: UA723220010000026209329946793 USD. ,$'

Account No:26209329946793 USD.$
(Volodumur's brother)

4441114490988340 EUR.€ IBAN:UA543220010000026205329671385 EUR.€

Account No: 26205329671385 EUR.€

5375414131644378 UAH
(Irina's )

We live in Swarzędzu near Poznań and treat her.
Everything will be Ukraine!!!


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