September 14, 2022
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I’m looking for place to rent in London.

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Dear Sponsors, people from the UK!

First of all I want to thank you for all your help, support and all you do for Ukrainians. It’s the greatest privilege to be here and receive so much kindness and real support from you.

My name is Kateryna. I’m from Ukraine. We, together with my 10 years old son, came to the UK from Ukraine in April 24th.

We lived with our Sponsor 1,5 months and after had to leave. We stayed at Hampstead, London. My son went to school at this area and was excepted to the Arsenal kids football Academy as he plays football since he was 5 years old.

Before we came here we stayed occupied in the City Dymer which is very close to the border with Belorussia.

We were witnesses of all the most dangerous military operations on the territory of our village and in the vicinity.  Every day and night, battles were held on our territory.  We slept in the basement, lived without food and electricity. But luckily were escaped after three weeks through the russian block posts with help of the Red Cross and brave volunteers in our place. We saw the war and will never forget it.

I speak English and traveled to London in Business trips many times. I am a sales manager of fitness equipment and know the fitness business very well.

And after my friend invited me to her house I was very glad to take my son here.

But now I need to find a place to live.

I am trying to find the house to rent. But can’t effort market price.

I would like to stay in the Hampstead area or near Maida Valey where my son has his football sessions at Benfica three times a week. I don’t want to relocate in the other cities now, I would like my son to finish primary school where he already has friends and don’t want to be far from his football sessions at Paddington and not far from the Arsenal which is every Wednesday and really important for him. We can use the bus or walk a lot. So if you may have the place I didn’t mention but it’s close to the Hampstead or Warwick, Maida Valey, at around 20 min by buss to School at Hampstead — that would be wonderful.

I would like to ask for the place to rent for the reasonable price. It is really difficult to sort everything by myself without husband here and with primary school child.

There would be wonderful if we become friends and spend time together. We love to walk, train, play games, cook together and travel. We always active and like to speak with people. We love to keep clean and tidy places around us. We can assure that we will take care of the space you may provide us properly and keep it clean. We don’t have pats.

I love plants, flowers and fond of gardening. So can help you to take care of the garden.

I apologize for the long letter with the almost whole story of my life but I just want to be clear and find the place I can stay safe before I understand where we are on the Earth and before it is safe to come back home.

Would appreciate your help, advices and support very much. Please contact me via

Or mobile 07939999255

Contact Information
City: London
Phone: 07939999255
Address: London, , United Kingdom,

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