Ukrainian couple looking for help / Uniting for Ukraine

June 16, 2022
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Hello, we THANK YOU for supporting Ukrainian refugees.

We’re a Ukrainian family and citizens from Zaporojie city, Anna and Artem.

We are in love and very proud of our country looking to for a bright future, but currently due to the war every day it becomes more and more dangerous in our city and we cannot return home, and as you can understand very hard to look forward and make any plans…so we decided to get to the USA in order to live a full life.

We want to live in a safe place and are looking for a sponsor in order to use the “Uniting for Ukraine”.

🔸We’re 29 years old. 

🔸I have a remote job and currently studying in the beauty industry (nails) I believe that could be useful in the USA

🔸My husband prior modified helicopters, but currently is working in the car industry (buying and repairing vehicles) 

🔸We already left Ukraine and didn’t apply for any help from Europe etc.

🔸We have all needed vaccines and no problem with health.

🔸We have friends in Taxes (Round Rock) who'll be able to provide us with housing. (they cant apply for us, since they only came to the USA on 11 of June 2022 and don't have a financial history with the U.S)

We'll be grateful for the offer and any helpful information. Thank you!

Anna & Artem


Contact Information
City: Zaporozhye
Phone: 0668836442
Address: Vasilia Sergienka, , Ukraina,
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  • Помощь молодой и здоровой паре....

    Чего же вы здоровый и красивый бежишь с Украины?И просишь помощи для полноценной жизни?В Америки?Твоя помощь нужна в Украине….Стыдно будет потом..А детям,что потом будешь рассказывать.Тогда.ты.ужк не украинец..А янки…

    Хришенюк Эмили Борисовна

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