April 2, 2022
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USA Accommodations


Northwest Florida, USA
I can accommodate Ukrainian refugees, mom and a child or two NO PETS.
Two bedrooms, one full bath, wifi, and we have a 10lb dog who loves kids.

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Address: USA,
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  • Hello, my name is Nadia, mother with 3 years douter ,now looking shelter in USA, no we still in Ukraine, our home was in Gostomel.

    Zamedianska Nadiia
  • Ищем спонсора

    good evening again. My name is Oleg, I’m from Kharkov, Ukraine. if you know we are now at war with Russia. On February 24 of this year, the Russians began to bomb our cities, including our Kharkov a lot of civilians died more than 30,000, not counting the military. we hid and spent the night in the basement of the house people hid in the subway. we are being shelled and still every day bombed with missiles by hails of aircraft from ships with missiles. my father lives in the city of Kherson, he is 75 years old, Russia occupied the city and does not let anyone out, my sister and niece lived in Mariupol, communication with them disappeared back in March, we don’t even know if they are alive or not, since Mariupol was demolished. there was not a single house leftyour country began to accept refugees from Ukraine. one of the conditions is to find a sponsor of a person or organization that will officially invite us and provide us with temporary accommodation and we will be given a temporary visa. I ask you to help me, my wife and my daughter. Do you have friends who could help us? thank you very much

    Koribko Oleh

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