July 31, 2022
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We are looking for a sponsor so long. Please respond us

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Thank you for your kindness to Ukrainians.

We are a family from Kharkiv (Ukraine) and we need support under the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme.

We had to forsake our home and relocated temporarily in Dnipro (Ukraine). After a missile attack on Dnipro on 15.07.22, we were forced to move to another district of the city, this is already the fifth move during the war. Now missiles are being fired at various cities in Ukraine every day and there are no safe places.

A little bit about us. We are family of 4: a couple - Oleksandra (36y) & Kyrylo (35y) and two boys - Yaroslav (8y) & Danylo (6y). Our family leads a healthy lifestyle, we have no bad habits at all and like walking (maybe that is why we are all very thin)). We also enjoy nature, animals and spending time together. The main things for us are stable work and the well-being of our children and their education. That is why Reading/Oxford/Luton/Leads/Sheffield and their area are attractive for us. We also will gladly accept your offering, even if it is not close enough to these cities.

Now I’m a working mother, but I am preparing food and organizing the household myself. I am sociable (but my level of English is not very high yet) and friendly. Due to serious congenital vision problems, Kyrylo cannot enlist in the army and may also come with us. He enjoys self-education and prefers peace and calm.

Our kids are kids;) sometimes they are obedient angels playing quiet chess, and sometimes two running russell terriers;) Usually Danylo prefers communication or help with the household, and Yaroslav likes to draw or designs something.

We really look forward to finding a primary school for them nearby home in the UK before the start of the school year.

Thank you so much in advance for all possible helping our family.


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