May 5, 2022
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We have 2 extra bedrooms in our peaceful home


Hello, my husband and I live in a small rural community in Nova Scotia, Canada. We have 2 extra bedrooms in our peaceful home that we would love to provide for anyone wishing to come to Canada. We have a 5 acre property and a dog, we will welcome with open arms, and provide assistance wherever we can, children, small animal, family, older individual, anyone in need

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City: Nova Scotia
Address: Canada,
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  • Hello. My name is Oksana, my daughter is Polina. We love animals very much. My daughter loves horses very much and knows how to handle them. She speaks English. We want to help and we ourselves need help with temporary accommodation. We will be very happy to be worthy guests of your country.

  • Привіт! Мене звати Наталія. Мені 36 років. Я мама двох чудових хлопчиків 11 років і 1 рік 8 місяців. Їх звати Денис і Олександр. Мій старший син дуже любить вашу країну. Ми любимо собак і тварин вцілому. Вмію працювати на землі, полюбляю смачно готувати їсти. Буду корисною по господарству і по дому. Ми культурна, чистоплотна сім’я. Дуже хочу зберегти своїх дітей і надати їм тихе, спокійне мирне життя. Будемо дуже вдячні за будь яку допомогу з вашого боку. Будемо раді, якщо ви надасте нам прихисток в такий непростий час для нашої країни.

  • Hi. I was very glad to see your proposition here. Me, my husband and little son left our home at the beginning of March 2022. We always wanted to visit Canada and stay there for a long time, if it is possible. And now Ukrainians are kindly welcome to come to your beautiful country. We also can help in your economy. I’m sure it would be easy to communicate together as we are quite, calm, intelligence people.
    Best regards, Elena.

  • Привіт! Мене звати Наталія, маму Вероніка. Ми з сонячного міста Одеса, яке зараз переживає важкі воєнні часи. Ми, як ніколи в житті, потребуємо мирного неба над головою , спокою і добрих людей поряд. В цей не легкий час ми будемо дуже вдячні за вашу гостинність і будь-яку підтримку. Будемо раді, якщо ви надасте нам притулок і можливість стати для вас корисними, дружніми та щирими членами для вашої родини!
    З повагою, Наталія і Вероніка

  • good evening again. My name is Oleg, I’m from Kharkov, Ukraine. if you know we are now at war with Russia. On February 24 of this year, the Russians began to bomb our cities, including our Kharkov a lot of civilians died more than 30,000, not counting the military. we hid and spent the night in the basement of the house people hid in the subway. we are being shelled and still every day bombed with missiles by hails of aircraft from ships with missiles. my father lives in the city of Kherson, he is 75 years old, Russia occupied the city and does not let anyone out, my sister and niece lived in Mariupol, communication with them disappeared back in March, we don’t even know if they are alive or not, since Mariupol was demolished. there was not a single house leftyour country began to accept refugees from Ukraine. one of the conditions is to find a sponsor of a person or organization that will officially invite us and provide us with temporary accommodation and we will be given a temporary visa. I ask you to help me, my wife and my daughter. Do you have friends who could help us? thank you very much

    Koribko Oleh

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